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Goalkeeper Basics Training Drills

PGC Director of Coaching Bob Warby shares his drills online for use by all goalkeeper coaches. All training drills are suitable for goalkeepers of every age, ability and level and are only as good as the coach delivering them!

Drill begins with a volley by A to GK. GK returns ball to A and must then move through small gate and into small goal for volley from A. Work both sides.


 After passing through small gate GK touches the far cone with outside of opposite foot before adjusting for serve

A throws a high lofted ball for GK to leap to begin drill

A passes for GK to control and dribble through gate, before passing back to A who strikes a moving ball

A begins drill by passing to GK, he returns pass and must move to touch either stationary football near the post, and A strikes with side foot aiming to play in small goal (blue poles).


A fires in volley to begin the drill

After returning the ball GK must dive onto stationary football before strike from A

GK can only move on A's call. A fires in volleys repeatedly until call, GK must dive on stationary football before A then strikes the return

GK begins the drill by swiftly moving into between two cones, A fires in a volley. GK catches and returns then moves back over the goal line before immediately repeating the drill for 5 serves before moving into the larger goal for strike from A.


A calls "GO" anytime between serve 1 and serve 5, GK must then sprint into larger goal for shot.

A serves volleys just wide of the cones - forcing a collapse dive from GK. Serve alternate sides before GK returns to repeat. Above call still applies.

All shots now aimed into small goal at far post.

....more to follow, keep checking back.

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