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PGC Director of Coaching Bob Warby shares his drills online for use by all goalkeeper coaches. All training drills are suitable for goalkeepers of every age, ability and level and are only as good as the coach delivering them!

FREE Goalkeeper Coaching Drill A begins the drill by firing in an accurate volley. GK catches and returns and must then touch the stationary football near his post. A controls the return and fires in a shot. Work both sides, and differing angles.


A takes a heavy touch goalwards and follows it in.

GK must dive onto stationary football after volley before moving into line for the shot.

A can strike the returned ball first time.

FREE Goalkeeper Coaching Drill A begins the drill with a volley at GK on the goal line. GK returns and moves into the small goal on the 6 yard box, GK must set and hold as though A is going to shoot. After a 3 second hold in the set position A passes to either B or C to strike.


Either A, B or C begin the drill with a volley, other two are then strikers

A may strike the returned ball without a pass

The striker may "square" the ball to one of the other strikers

FREE Goalkeeper Coaching Drill A begins the drill with a high lofted ball into the box. GK must rush out to gather and return to A, A controls and strikes on target.


Immediately after shot, A throws another high ball to the opposite side and allows the GK one bounce before failure.

As above (alternate serves) but introduce shot after each returned ball. Repeat for applicable amount of repetitions.

A can take a touch into the box before shot. GK must assess and decide accordingly.

....more to follow, keep checking back.

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